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We are Innovative

NUQO© is an independent company that promotes transparent and innovative solutions. We are pioneers in the field of marine algae and we perform research to identify, source, combine and protect plant extracts (from land or sea) and various ingredients, to bring unique solutions to the market.

Library of active ingredients

Our R&D team and our network of experts have in-depth knowledge; we own a comprehensive database of ingredients that we screen to combine the right molecules. We continue to explore new opportunities and exclusive partnerships to source directly new molecules and compounds (such as phycogenics) with specific physiologic effects, to design new solutions

Cutting-edge production technologies

NUQO© has extensive knowledge of technologies to produce the most suitable solutions. Thanks to our network of experts and our different production sites, we can select and adapt the right method, such as encapsulation, granulation, fermentation or adsorption, to increase stability or activity of molecules, to control physical properties (dust, irritation, odor, caking …) and to guarantee the adequate control release of our products